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Welcome to josho.org

I have had several ideas since 2000 about what my personal web site should be. I have, for the last several, only maintained a blog, and not a particularly consistent one at that. I have also maintained some deep-linked resources for sharing things with friends.

The new idea is a gateway to the various things I want to keep on my web site. The blog can still be reached. But, as I try to publish a few things here and there, I want them also to be available. What follows is a series of options so far:

Objective Description
My blog A collection of personal topics. Note that if you are looking for my professional side, thar be non-professional dragons here.
Software Projects I want to start presenting some of my software projects that I've written.
Graphics Projects I like to play with data visualization (e.g., visualizing statistics). here's where I put some of my stuff.
Other Projects A collection of non-programming projects.
Current resume In case someone is interested.